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Check us out as we begin to take over other days of the week.  Visit us every thursday!

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Business Mentioning $35.00

Includes: 3 Shot Outs during the show.

Guest Appearance $70.00

Includes: Full 15 minute interview, 3 Shot Outs and

a visual ad on our website!

Commercial Time $125.00 (Without Audio)

Includes: 30 Second Commercial (you provide the audio) RUNS 3 WEEKS!

$250.00 (with Audio)

Includes: 30 Second Commercial (We create the commercial) RUNS 4 WEEKS!

Full Show $300.00

Includes: The Show is yours for the evening!

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Cancellations and Refunds!

We value your time and commitment however there are no refunds on canceled shows unless

we experience technical difficulties or if we for some reason do not air at the scheduled time and date promised.

We have the right to block or exclude any content and provide you with the right to proof all work or audio commercials before it airs.

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Need one of us to come to your event? Call 313-247-5002!

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